Vocal Recording

Experience the pristine clarity of your voice, recorded with a RODE NT 1000 condenser microphone on Cubase PRO!

Fees: On Request

Music Production

Do you have a song written or composed but don't know how to proceed? The music production process is a very comprehensive one and involves ideating on the genre and instrumentation, deciding on recording musicians live or working with software instrument libraries, Arranging the song, recording vocals, editing, mixing, and mastering. Connect with me and let me help you give shape to your thought by producing your music for you.

Fees: On Request

Live Entertainment

No celebration is complete without live entertainment. Be it a wedding or a baby's christening, a birthday celebration, or an engagement. Make it a memorable event with live music. I can provide a setup for all occasions.

Solo Piano - A solo performance of classic songs with a combination of instrumental music and vocals

One man band - A solo performance of contemporary and classic songs with live keyboards and vocals

Duo performance - A duo performance of contemporary and classic songs with live keyboards and vocals performed by both male and female voices

Fees: On Request

Minus One Tracks

A minus one track refers to a custom made pre-recorded backing track of a song without any vocals. You could also call it a karaoke track. If you are someone who is passionate about singing as a hobby or singing professionally, you may have come across the need for a certain backing track at some point. Not only are backing tracks difficult to come by, but the ones that are available may not be in a key suitable for you to sing over.

I can provide you with a high-quality custom made backing track of any song, in your key, at a very affordable price. Contact me with your requirement.

Fees Per Song: On Request