Music Lessons

"Nothing right can be accomplished in art without enthusiasm." - Robert Schumann

When I was a young boy, I had friends who happened to be brothers. I envied the enthusiasm their father had about the boys learning music. He was so enthusiastic that he would chase them with a stick for not attending music classes. Initially, the boys were excited to learn to play the violin, but soon the learning process began to push them further away from music, till they gave up learning music completely.

Many students enroll in music classes but fail to keep up because of the drudgery of learning notations and reading music by the book. I certainly don’t mean to dismiss proper music education. However, in the age of shorter attention spans and instant gratification, the fun element in the learning process is a very important one.

A fact to be remembered is that children learn to listen and speak before they can learn to read or write. Parents wait eagerly to listen to their children utter their first spoken words. Imagine their excitement and happiness when they learn to play a basic song on day one! It will only get better thereon!

Let me help your child experience the joy and fun of learning music!